Security Links

Web Application Security:
 Advanced SQL Injections in SQL Server Applications
 (more) Advanced SQL Injection
 One-Way Web Hacking
 Imperva Blind SQL Injection
 SQL Injection Attacks by Example
 Web Applications and SQL Injection
 Manipulating Microsoft SQL Server Using SQL Injection
 HTML Code Injection and Cross-site scripting

 Kerberos Details:

Buffer Overflows:
 Once Upon a Free – Heap Overflows
Defeating Windows XP SP2 Heap Protection and DEP Bypass
Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit
Intro to Shellcoding
Shell Coders handbook.
Network Security Assessment, O’Reilly
Good broad coverage of various NPT areas – good background reading
Network Security Hacks, O’Reilly
Hacking Exposed 1st Ed.
(The first edition was probably the best)
Hack Proofing your Network 1st Ed.
(Covers some other concepts like buffer overflows etc, gives better insight into mindset)
Assembly Language Step-by-Step, Wiley
(Good no assumed knowledge start to assembler on x86)
SQL Server Security, Osbourne
(By NGS, excellent reading on the subject)
TCP/IP illustrated
Building Internet firewalls, O’Reilly
O’Reilly ‘Security Warrior’
(Excellent introduction to many topics with some walkthrough examples.)
Osborne ‘Hacknotes’ series
(Thin/portable reference material which includes an entire testing methodology)


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