iPhone vs Android – Multitasking on small devices with no swap space (Valid for 2009 and early 2010)

Disclaimers are important part of blogs I must say. I mean, imagine if I write something like, iPhone devices dont support multitasking. But actually Apple add’s the support in a very subtle manner. My blog becomes useless then right ? Well. enuf with the disclaimer value proposition.  Lets get on with the comparison.

iPhone (and iPad for the rest of the blog) are single view, single document applications. Either the app is alive or killed. Simple. The multitasking is for applications that Apple ships. They dont allow third party applications to multitask. Mainly since there is no swap space

As for Android, application state is saved and retrieved when requested. The state (including the view) is saved in Bundles. In Android applications continue to live in the background, and are killed under memory pressure, in  least recently used order. But even after they are killed if the application is relaunched, the Bundle is used to provide seamless launch.

On Android, the philosophy is “all applications are equal”, contrary to Apple, “I have more privilege as compared to third party”.

So in short Android wins. Beyond the claims of Apple “multitasking cannot be done on devices with no swap space and less memory”.. Yeah Right!!!


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