zXing Library License for the legally not initiated folks

This blog by no means takes any responsibility of understanding of the legal clause’s mentioned in the zXing library. Also this blog is restricted to the version of the license agreement that was visible online on 11th April 2011, not earlier and not later. http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

So, don’t come crying to me or hold me responsible for any legal action that zXing dudes may choose to hit you with. If you agree, carry on reading.

So this is what I understand from the license.
If you download the source code, include it in your project or use it as a library, you need to bring to the notice of all your fellow/future developers that this is code that has been downloaded from zXing. The way you do that is, “dont mess, edit or alter any part of the license agreement”. And include their license text in every file / project that you use.

You are free to use, alter or distribute, distribute for free or sell for a cost any application that includes zXing. zXing will have no part in the profit for those application, nor do you need to pay zXing for usage.

In short, enjoy its usage, but acknowledge the zXing dudes of their hard work, dont take that away.

Thats what I think, will try to get a confirmation of this in a few days. And update the blog.


2 thoughts on “zXing Library License for the legally not initiated folks

  1. Its been almost 1 year … have u ever got any response from the zxing guys .. I am going to use this library in one of the commercial projects,I am definitely going to give credits along with the link to download library. Will this be enough .. ?

    • Legally you are good, just mention somewhere in your about that you have zxing library. And send that snapshot to the zxing guys. If they have any objection, they will speak up in a day. Thats by best guess.

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