Configure android emulator on your mac, for non development work

Some people dont want to develop on android, just want to install the emulator so that they can run POC’s provided by developers on their mac’s (or any other OS’s). Below are steps for you to install the emulator and install apk’s on the emulator to play around.

This is what I did
– Download this file “” to a directory
– Extract all files
– cd android-sdk-mac_x86/tools
– ./android
– Click “Available Packages”
– Expand “Android Repository”. Please wait a while 15-20 minutes.
– Select “Android SDK Platform-Tools, revision 3”, and the SDK’s 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0
– Select “Install Selected”
– Accept the license agreement
– Wait for 2-3 minutes
– Click “New”
– Name AVD16, select target as Android 1.6, Click “Create AVD”
– Click “New”
– Name AVD21, select target as Android 2.1. Click “Create AVD”
– Click “New”
– Name AVD22, select target as Android 2.2. Click “Create AVD”
– Click “New”
– Name AVD23, select target as Android 2.3. Click “Create AVD”
– Click “New”
– Name AVD30, select target as Android 3.0. Click “Create AVD”
– Select AVD16, Click “Start AVD”

If I am not mistaken you have completed the above steps.

– cd android-sdk-mac_x86/plaftorm-tools
– from the email, save the adk on your mac, lets call the path
– ./adb devices
– if it does not list any devices
* make sure that a AVD is started (last step above)
* ./adb kill-server
* ./adb start-server
* ./adb devices, should list your emulator device now
– ./adb -e install


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