AndEngine Android 2d game framework review

I am researching Android 2d game frameworks, going through a couple of them, I am really shocked that most of them dont have a getting started guide. Without a getting started guide, its a pain to figure out if you can really use it.

I have researched, or lets say spent approximately 15 mins per framework to figure out which one I need to go for. I read thru the following

Rokon, Libgdx, Android-2d-engine, AndEngine, Angle, jPCT-JE, Dwark-fx, YoughurtGum, Forget3d, Mages. I rate AndEngine as the best.


1) This has a set of example games developed using this framework, which is very helpful. Its easy to zero on this framework by going thru the examples.

2) Community is active, helpful I wont know until I do some reading.

3) A very good starting guide, in 5 parts.


1) That black background is depressing, readability is a bit crazy


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