MySQL Admin Tools (workbench vs open source browser based)

To start with, let me tell you that MySQL workbench sucks big time. I exported my tables to the workbench, and created my ER diagram. As I try to apply changes, all hell breaks loose. Obviously workbench has not sequenced its mysql statements in order correctly, so there are cyclic changes being made. Very immature of a product I must say. Does not incorporate graph theory fundamentals to solve sequencing of its mysql statements to apply the ER diagram to the DB schema. I mean, why create a bunch of mysql statements if you can run it. Over and above that we all know how pathetic mysql error messages are. Just crazy.

So I am only going to use WorkBench for viewing my schema, which makes it easy for me to think of my data model. Graphically seeing is a bonus. But use phpmysqladmin to do any changes to my schema.

Was trying to do things on workbench for last 3-4 hours, and finally 5 mins of phpmysqlamdin did the trick.


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