Why is WordPress bad ? (Its the best in competition though)

I have been using wordpress for last 2 month now to build my website. Although its the best in the market today, as compared to drupal/joombla, I find the following limitations.

  1. As we search for themes/plugins, there is no way to sort/filter on ratings and # of ratings. We have to go into each details link to figure it out.
  2. Its has not been tested for your version of wordpress, is another pain, why show me something that is not tested for my wordpress ?
  3. The Details site of all the plugins are not all good. Some are really good and some are really bad, they just link to the developers site that has absolutely no information on how to get started. For example FoCal plugin, it took me a while to know that it is a widget and not a [focal] entry into the page. Painful getting started, and wordpress allows them to post their plugins with bad documentation. There should be some quality control on wordpress posting site.
  4. Many dont have screen shots, so thats really bad. Have to try it out to get it working.
  5. Bad naming convention, the word “custom” is so misused. On pages we have a “template”, which we can decide with, why cant we do it for posts ? I am using Graphene theme, THE ABSOLUTE BEST, I have after trying out 15. I just cant search for custom template for posts, and if do get something that sounds relevant, it wont work, custom will mean something else.

WordPress is good, but has its own piece of issues. I hope wordpress is hearing, they should be able to fix these 5 issues very easily.

3 thoughts on “Why is WordPress bad ? (Its the best in competition though)

  1. Hey – have you heard of Umbraco ? I have used it for the past 2 1/2 years. Now with a change of job I have had to learn WordPress and use it on a daily basis. I can appreciate WordPress for what it is, but in my opinion Umbraco is simply a superior solution for a pure web developer. They are different products but the big thing that I keep thinking of is the UI for Umbraco – the admin layout is so so so superior and for any non technical user, making the administration of a website an enjoyable and intuitive task is very important.

    • Umbraco is ASP.NET. Which means that I will need to purchase Visual Studio for my developers, costing a whole lot of money. Visual Studio will need a high end desktop/laptop. Very expensive. I would rather rely on java eclipse and ubuntu. Now, this is just my first impression. When I evaluate Umbraco, I will report back on discussion. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Third week hosting a blog on wordpress and I’m already planning to close it down and restart on blogger. WordPress may be fine for the programers but as a writer who just want to post, it’s a nightmare. No way would I consider upgrading to a paid account for service this bad!

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