Build Car Pool Solutions On Any Device To Run Anywhere

mCruiseOn ( brings its car pooling platform to developers. You can now realize that carpool dream of yours. Did you ever want to build a

  • car pool
  • ride share
  • cab management
  • kids to school pool
  • airport pick/drop
  • twin cities (pune/mumbai, delhi/noida/gurgaon)

Were you worried about the time it would take to build this mobile application and website ?
Did you feel the need of a platform that will unify and simplify your software development needs ?

We are here. mCruiseOn. We provide you with 2 java libraries, carpool4A (for android) and carpool4J (for J2EE, and Java applications). These libraries expose api’s to help your customers register themselves, add there vehicles, add their rides, search for rides. These API’s use GPS and time approximates to ensure that the right people are clubbed together.
mCruiseOn CarPool4J and CarPool4A

We host a dedicated EC2 (amazon) server for you, which uses mysql to store all your rides. With our support system you need not worry about the uptime, backups.
How It Works ?

All this costs you “nothing” while you build your product. Only as you launch your production environment, you need to purchase a license at a initial introductory offer of just 2$ per car per month (just about 110 Rs Per month per car).

So what are you waiting for, Visit -> Wiki -> Getting Started. In 3 minutes be on and ready to build your first car pooling product.

Warm Regards

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