Why does Windows 8 sucks (as compared to MS-DOS)


I cant compare Windows 8 tablet to a Android, since its not a apple to apple comparison.

I was presented with a Windows 8 Tablet which came with a bluetooth keyboard.
1) First off, the bluetooth keyboard just did not connect. I figured out how to get it to work.
2) Store, when you try to install, it just hangs. No information why it does. I selected update all, that was my biggest mistake. No installations happened for 2-3 hours. I had to go and remove all the updates one by one. No way to select all and cancel all. Painful.
3) Store, there is no difference between installing and downloading. So no way to know what to check. Should I check the network or not ?
4) Office needs to be paid for, are you out of your mind.
5) Why show me XBOX games on the launch screen of Games. Shouldn’t you show me games that I can actually do something with ?
6) Rara, AGAIN needs me to register to use. Why not just connect it with my outlook.com address, or even better with my gmail address.
7) Evernote, AGAIN needs me to register to use. Why not just with existing gmail id’s ?
8) Add email accounts, google DOES NOT WORK, no way to add.
9) The ThinkPad tablet 2 has a sim slot, WHY when you have no dialer by default. What kinda CRAP paper weight is this ?
10) Google Drive does not have a free app out there. Really! you expect people to pay for a service that been free for like forever ?
11) Reboot’s ARE BACK, every update every week this piece of shit needs a reboot.

Who ever designed the Windows 8 user experience has no clue of what the user wants, expects. I guess they designed this tablet for to be used as a PHOTO FRAME.