What is mCruiseOn ?
We hope to build cross platform framework library’s that help developers and organizations build products. Our first offering is in the space of carpooling. We have released our first offering in our series of frameworks, carPool4J (java) and carPool4A (android).

Around the world, vehicular traffic has rapidly increased over the past few years. Our cities are ready for good car pooling solutions. The question is why aren’t car pooling solutions up and ready to embrace and challenge our basic need to get home peacefully, safely, and within budget. Along with the increase in vehicular traffic on the roads, the need for space and infrastructure for providing vehicular parking has also increased.

New carpooling solutions pop up every now and then, each of them offer a unique value proposition and aim to improve the life style of particular customer segments. We believe the value these new carpooling solutions offer, and appreciate their thought process. Interestingly some of the customer segments they are targeting are quite variant, some solutions are targeting the cabs, some bikes, some empty cars and some hiring personal vehicles (peer-to-peer is the new Buzz word).
We believe in creating a system to help getting alerted about friends and colleagues travelling in the same direction. What safer than the employer themselves hosting this service for them, for a win-win equation.

In 3 simple steps, and 3 minutes flat, you should be able to get a hello world working. Visit <a href="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test?autoReconnect=true” title=”mCruiseOn.com”>http://www.mcruiseon.com.

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