Installing GenyMotion on your ubuntu 14


Android App
– Added exception handling and error checking for request and response
– Updated the Drive->Requirements->Detailed Requirements, added Section 13 for future exception handling rules
– Installed GenyMotion Freemium, added all 4.x devices

We can test the app on the virtualbox, we dont need to invest on devices, I think 🙂

For installing GenyMotion

Install the Emulators 4.4 (only)
After you load the emulator you will Google Play is not installed, for that the following links are useful.
Works –
Does not work –

Super Fast Ubuntu 11.04


I have a AMD laptop, not to mention that upgrading screwed bootup, I had to do a safe mode and uninstall nvidia drivers and install ati drivers. Finally got it up :), and was hit by slow, really slow ui. Researched a bit and found the following steps to install 2d, now works like a charm, SUPER FAST. This is the real ubuntu man..

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:unity-2d-team/unity-2d-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-2d
select unity-2d as your desktop