GIT SHIT (deep shit, crazy tool)


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I miss the svn days. Frankly the only issue and pain svn gives is when you copy folders from one place to another within it. That is the only time when it gives you grief without bounds. If you just create the new folder and copy the files in that folder things are GREAT with svn.

Now that I have moved to GIT, have realized a few tricks to survive. So here goes
1) Dont install any git plugin on eclipse
2) Dont think GUI will make it any easier, it will only make matters worse
3) Command line is your saviour

To get code from the repository to your machine
use clone

To checkin code to the repository after you made changes (and in the mean while someone else checked in stuff)

1) git add *
2) git commit -m "message"
3) git stash, this is for backing up your changes until you can syncup code from the repository
4) git pull, get the code from the repository
5) git stash pop, overlay your changes on the latest code
6) now, go back to your IDE and fix all the errors and conflicts, use merge tools
7) hit git commit -m "message", again
8) PRAY someone else has not checked in between step 4 and now :)
10) When GOD RESPONDS, with a GO AHEAD
11) git push
12) Dance..
13) Your code is someone elses problem now.. hahahahha

Errors in Git and what they mean

warning: push.default is unset; its implicit value is changing in bla bla bla.. JUST SHUT THE F up....

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What to do, since its a small team and you wont have any branches just run
git config --global push.default matching

What happens then ? Life is good again.. no more irritating long error messages that dont help.